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The Mobile Home Gourmet

You don't need a luxury kitchen to prepare gourmet meals at home. My name is Dennis and I live in a mobile home in a trailer park. This is from my kitchen.

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Four recipes of Pesto

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Pesto is traditionally made with basil, garlic, Parmesan (or Romano) cheese, pine nuts, and olive oil. Those who know and love pesto can testify about how delicious it is. I use it in several receips. However, other ingredients can be added for variation of flavor — olives, fresh herbs, etc. Consider the food on which you'll use the pesto. Adding another ingredient might make the pesto more suitable for your recipe.

Note: I am no longer uploading cooking videos to YouTube for public access. Their demonitization policies are too absurd, denying many wholesome video creators the revenue they need to keep making videos. You can learn more about my feature recipe in My Kitchen Vlog. Click this image:

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All of my recipes (currently about 275) are in the Recipe Archive. Go to Recipe Archive

Although I am no longer uploading cooking videos to YouTube, all the former videos are still there and you can view them using the "View the Video" button on each recipe page.

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Minute Meals is a special section that features the way I like to eat. I portion foods into single servings and store them in the freezer. I select three packets — a protein plus two vegetables — and heat them in the microwave oven. From freezer to plate of hot food usually takes less than six minutes — thus "Minute Meals." Go to the Minute Meals page

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So, go and explore, and enjoy.

My recipes in the Recipe Archive are in web pages and in PDF format. If you need Adobe PDF Reader (it's free) you can download it using the link below.

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