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Sunday 2022.11.27


Hopefully you had a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday, if you live in a part of the world where the holiday is observed. For myself, it was a quiet day.

I received an email from my twin brother in Florida. He wrote quite a long message about his latest experience with atrial fibrillation. I responded with my latest urinary problems. That's the thing we do as we get older. We tell one another about our latest medical issues. I even blog about it too much.

I again made clear my predicament. If something should happen to either him or his wife and they want me to fly out there, I simply can't go. I would need to ship a carton of medical supplies in advance. A flight to the East Coast is simply not practical right now. And with his potential heart problems, I wouldn't expect him to fly out here either.

Something More to be Thankful About

My back is feeling much better. I am able to move around my home without my rolling walker. If I sit for any extended time, such as when watching a football game or a Christmas movie, getting up out of the chair is a little painful. But once I'm standing, I can walk almost painlessly.

And I can still take care of myself. I still do my own laundry using that portable Haier washing machine I bought back in 2018. I enjoy using that machine. It's automatic. Just start it running and then hang up the clothes to dry when they're clean. I love it.

One blessing of living in Southern California is the weather. I love that too. Yes, we have a serious drought condition. But warm days with low humidity allow me to open the windows and run the fans, even in November, which helps the laundry dry more quickly. On Friday, when I did three loads of laundry, it was 78°F outside with 18% humidity at noon — excellent laundry weather.

Sometimes I Impress Myself

I've blogged about it before. I keep my desktop computer keyboards wrapped in plastic to keep them clean. I can type fine through the plastic.

Cleaning a dirty keyboard is an arduous task, especially because I usually lift off each keytop and clean it separately. There are 108 keys on this keyboard in front of me. Changing the plastic occasionally is much easier and takes a lot less time. As I get older, I prefer less maintenance around my home.

What about my new laptop? I ordered some double-sided tape from Amazon. It's just the right width to fit around the top edges of the keyboard without interfering with any of the keys. After taping the entire perimeter of the keyboard, I carefully pressed a sheet of plastic on top. Then, after sealing around the edges, I trimmed the plastic. It's perfect.

And, the impressive part of it is that I succeeded in my first attempt. Usually I try new ideas several times before I get things right. The first time was a charm.

And One Pleasant Surprise

You might remember my mentioning at the beginning of this month the issues I had with electricity when a workman used my outside outlet. A quick review: The bathroom light fixture stopped working and it took two hours for me to figure out the problem and fix it.

I looked at my December bill for November's utilities and I wasn't charged for any electrical usage. The standard base rate was still there, but usage was zero. I saved more than $100.

Wednesday 2022.11.23

This blog will be a short one because I hurt my back and I am uncomfortable when sitting.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, here in the USA, we will observe Thanksgiving, a national holiday. Most people will be home or they will have traveled to join family. I will be home this year, taking it easy. No special foods. There isn't much I can do anyway, because…

Back Pain Again

On Monday morning I pulled a muscle in my lower back when I stood up while getting dressed for my doctor's appointment. Usually I can catch it in time, relaxing the muscles to prevent further damage. I didn't relax early enough this time.

The pain isn't awful. It does limit my movement. Thankfully, I have a really nice rolling walker I can use to move around my home. I can even sit in it and roll myself around, if that is necessary. Getting the walker out of the back of the closet with a sore back wasn't fun, but I managed.

As for That Doctor's Appointment

As mentioned above, on Monday I went to the doctor to have the catheter removed. The nurse filled my bladder with sterile water and then I was supposed to use a catheter to drain it. I couldn't. I still encountered the resistance and I was afraid to push too much, lest I cause bleeding again. The assistant showed me two photographs, taken when the doctor did the cystoscopy, of where I had punctured my urethra, causing bleeding in the past.

I explained to the assistant how I usually cath now, removing the outer casing, which gives me an extra inch of tubing to ease into my bladder. When I did that, working very slowly and carefully, I successfully voided my bladder. "You passed," she said and I was released to go home.

And I learned something new. On Friday I was given a prescription for an antibiotic to take twice a day. The assistant on Monday said a new prescription was called in to the pharmacy because the urine sample that was tested showed a type of bacteria that is resistant to the former antibiotic. On the way home I picked up the new prescription.

Again, I'm hoping the resistance I encounter when trying to cath is caused by swelling from the infection. If and when the swelling goes down after the infection is gone, maybe I can return to my regular pattern of self-catheterization.

Sunday 2022.11.20

Slowing Down Again?

I'm wondering if it might be time to slow down again as regards my YouTube channel. The platform isn't doing well for me. The year 2022 is shaping up to be my worst year since 2019, and I'm doing only slightly better than 2018, my first full year on YouTube.

In the news I read about big companies like Amazon cutting back on employees to reduce costs, and possibly losses. One headline read: "YouTube revenue shrinks as Google feels pinch of ad slowdown." I'm feeling the pinch too. So, this might be a good time to cut back a little on my video efforts and put my feet up and read more books until the economy recovers and YouTube does well again. It's also a good time to start watching Christmas movies again.

I'm not out of food ideas. One only needs to open just about any magazine to see recipes. One in particular stirred up some cloudy memories of my youth.

Recently I opened a magazine that I occasionally receive from my health insurance. There was a recipe for Italian Pot Roast. The photograph looks like my mother's Beef Stew. My mother was also Italian, which is probably a coincidence.

I couldn't see what made this particular recipe Italian, unless it was the addition or garlic, tomato paste and the herbs — rosemary and thyme.

My mother occasionally made pot roast, but I hardly remember it now. If you're not familiar, the name fairly well defines the food. It's a piece of meat, typically beef chuck, about 2½ pounds, roasted in a large covered pot in the oven. After the meat cooks for about 2½ hours it is removed from the pot, cut into 1-inch pieces and served with the vegetables (onion, carrots and potatoes) that cooked in the pot with the beef. I'd like to prepare this recipe to refresh my memory, but I'll wait until beef chuck roasts go on sale.

Meanwhile, this is the time of year when holiday cooking is popular. I've been hopeful my Lyonnaise Potatoes might be a popular side dish. It is inexpensive to make, which might appeal to shoppers during this time of inflation. The Thanksgiving holiday is on Thursday of this week here in the USA. Christmas, of course, is observed in many countries around the world. After December my YouTube channel settles down to modest popularity.

A Dumb Idea

Skip this part if the subject of medical issues makes you uncomfortable.

Self-catheterization is becoming more and more difficult. I can push the catheter in most of the way and then I encounter resistence. If I push too hard I tear or puncture something and that results in bleeding.

I thought maybe I could use the bathroom more often, pushing out a little urine each hour. It might train my bladder to function better. That didn't work.

Thursday night I had way too much fluid in my bladder. I felt pain in my lower abdomen. Even though I had drained out more than 800cc during the day (I kept measurements using a disposable cup), it was evident that I was retaining a dangerous amount of liquid. I tried cathing again and, thankfully, it was successful. What a relief!

I'm not sure how much I drained out. The urine bottle the doctor gave me only measures up to 1,000cc. The liquid went well above the top line and continued flowing until the bottle was full. Then I set it aside and finished voiding without the bottle. I estimate I drained between 1,300 and 1,500cc of urine. That's a dangerous amount. For me, 300 to 400cc is normal.

Late the following morning I tried cathing again and, again, I started bleeding. I gave up and called the doctor. He was able to see me in the afternoon.

He did another cystoscopy, a procedure in which the doctor feeds a small tube and camera up the urethra to examine the inside of the prostate and bladder. He said he saw no obstructions. Everything looked normal. He did see where I had punctured an inside wall of my urethra; so, he also gave me some additional information for how best to use the disposable catheters.

He inserted a Foley catheter, the rubber hose thing that remains in place and attaches to a bag. I hate those things, but what can I do? I go into the doctor's office again tomorrow morning to have it removed. He also gave me an antibiotic injection in my rear and a prescription for antibiotic pills to take twice a day for ten days. Although a urine sample wasn't sent to a lab, he could see enough to believe I had a bladder infection.

First, I'm glad he scoped me, even though it hurt a little. I needed to know what was going on inside me. No obstruction is good news. Second, I wondered if an infection might be causing swelling, preventing me from inserting a catheter easily. Up until a few weeks ago I was merrily cathing without any difficulties. The doctor said swelling might be part of the problem. I'm hoping the antibiotics will set things back to normal again, at least the new normal I've been living with since my surgeries seven months ago.

Wednesday 2022.11.16

A Political Weekend

How did you enjoy, or not, the weekend? All during the previous weeks I followed the news off-and-on, not really caring because I thought it was a foregone conclusion that the Republicans would take control of Congress. It's tradition in America. At the midterm of a president's first term in office he loses control to the other side of the aisle. Do you remember when it happened to Barack Obama? After two years the GOP took control of Congress and soon became known as "the Party of No."

If I heard correctly, this is only the third time in U.S. history that a sitting president didn't lose Congress halfway through his first term. Biden lost control of the House, of course, but not the Senate. That makes all the difference. As one news commentator said, the Senate can now prevent the House from pushing through legislation that makes the Democrats look bad.

Sadly, that's the nature of government in America now. It's not about passing laws that help the people to a better way of life. It's about doing everything possible to make the other side look bad so that elections can be won when voting time comes around again. Remember when Mitch McConnell said, "My number one priority is making sure President Obama's a one-term president." (Obama, of course, went on to win a second term.) Now it's the turn of the Democrats to be the Party of No.

Thankfully, there hasn't been a large-scale movement to recount every vote in every swing state along with chants of "Stop the steal." Comparatively speaking, the Republicans did not do well in this election. Many lost to Democrats, and thus the Senate remained in Democratic control. Some blamed Mitch McConnell. Others blamed Trump.

Retiring Republican senator Pat Toomey said about the GOP losing Pennsylvania: "President Trump inserting himself into the race … was never going to be helpful. All over the country there's a very high correlation between MAGA candidates and big losses, or at least dramatically underperforming."

The Daily Mail reported: "Trump demanded a new election in Arizona immediately."

Some Republicans admitted what everyone else could see: Trump is an albatross around the party's neck.

He still has his MAGA fans and they're donating to his 2024 campaign, but their numbers are dwindling. I doubt Trump will actually run for president again, especially if it becomes obvious he wouldn't win the Republican nomination. He announced his candidacy because he wants campaign dollars from his followers. But he'll back out, declaring the entire system is rigged against him and claiming he would have definitely won, by the biggest landslide in American history, if elections were fair.

As more books about his presidency are published, he will eventually fade noisily into the background and will become nothing more than a boisterous character on the national landscape. I can't help wondering how many times he'll suggest he is going to run for president again just to collect more campaign dollars from his loyalists.


When I made the Cream of Mushroom Soup I used the last of my homemade Chicken Stock. I have plenty of chicken trim in the freezer. I brought out my Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker and my Instant Pot. I put a bundle of trim into each, along with bay leaves, carrot, celery, garlic, onion, peppercorns and water. Once up to boiling, seal the lid into place and cook under pressure for 30 minutes. Let the pot depressurize naturally and then let the contents cool until safe to handle.

I waited until the following day to filter the stock for storage in the freezer. If you look at the recipe page for Chicken Stock, you'll see I use 1-cup plastic containers to freeze my stock. When they're frozen, I pop them out of the containers and store them in ziplock freezer bags. The one-cup portions make it easy to gauge how much I'll need for a soup recipe.

One nice thing about cooking this way is I can put the trim in the pot frozen. Monitor it as the pot comes to a boil and, if necessary, break it up with a wooden spoon until separated and thawed. Another nice thing about making stock is how good my home smells as the stock is cooking.

On Monday morning I put 12 cups of filtered stock in the freezer. I might be a little too fussy about my chicken stock. I filter it through large 12-cup paper coffee filters. It takes a while and I probably go through half a dozen filters before I'm done. When a filter becomes clogged with fine sediment I switch to a new one.

Yesterday I put the remaining four cups in the freezer.

I filter the stock into a clean bowl; then I use a bulb baster to draw liquid from the bottom when filling the storage cups, thus leaving the fat on top.

It's work, but I enjoy this kind of cooking and I end up with some really good quality homemade chicken stock in my freezer. And there is still more trim in the freezer that needs to be cooked for more stock. By the time I'm done I might have about three dozen cups of stock, ready for winter soups.

And this time I did something a little different. Some might condemn my practice of tossing the skimmed chicken fat into the trash. It's a popular cooking fat among some cooks, especially the Jewish, who call it "schmaltz." So, this time I put the fat in a little jar and refrigerated it. I'm not sure yet how I'll use it, but I'll find some purpose for it.

A Few Final Words About YouTube Shorts

In Sunday's blog I said I'm done with shorts. I gave some numbers. I can add a few more.

My Cream of Mushroom Soup video has 404 views (as of this morning) and earned $4.57.

My Lentil and Ham Soup short was seen 1,236 times and earned 18¢.

Sunday 2022.11.13

YouTube Shorts

I'm off YouTube shorts, at least for a while. Only one did well (sort of), Lentil & Ham Soup (1,214 views). The others got a few hundred views in their first hour and then quickly flat-lined to 1 or 2 views per hour. They get only 1 or 2 comments. The following graph shows the first-hour performance of the short I did of Mom's Italian Christmas Cookies:

They do my channel very little good and therefore they're not worth the hours I put into making them. Maybe cooking is not the right material for successful video shorts. Here are some revenue earnings numbers:

Lyonnaise Potatoes - 34¢
Lentil & Ham Soup - 17¢
Sweet & Sour Ribs - 21¢
Mom's Xmas Cookies - 6¢

I'd make far more money earning minimum wage as a door greeter at Target.

I might do one more short. Someone asked me to do a quick video showing how to debone a chicken thigh. I have plenty of deboned thighs in the freezer right now, so that idea will need to wait a while.

Is it Soup Yet?

Welcome to soup weather. The heat has been coming on every night at my place, and I live in Southern California where it never gets very cold. It's a rare day when we wake up to frost on the ground or snow on the mountains. The cooler weather brings out the soup cravings in me.

At the request of a friend, yesterday I made Cream of Mushroom Soup. As I mentioned in the video, many of us probably grew up with Campbell's canned Cream of Mushroom Soup. Mom always had canned soups in the cupboard. She used the mushroom soup as the base for her beef stroganoff. We liked it. However, come to think of it, I don't remember any mushrooms in the canned soup — maybe little tiny cubes. (I created my own recipe for Beef Stroganoff and it's much better.)

I used 1½ pounds of fresh mushrooms, 1 pound of which was made up of cremini and the additional half pound was shittake. The soup is good. The video turned out well; so well in fact, that is why it is featured on this web site and on YouTube this week. After a pleasant lunch of soup and crackers, I edited the video during the afternoon and was happy how it all turned out.

Wednesday 2022.11.9


As I said in Sunday's blog, I was sick on Saturday. Sunday afternoon I decided it was still early enough to self-test for Covid, just in case. The test was negative. One less thing to think about. There was no reason to tell people who were here they were exposed to someone Covid-positive and would therefore need to self-isolate. (And if I had been positive, they were probably the ones who exposed me.)

Somewhat important, the test package had an expiration date of August, 2022. Here it is November. I went online to learn more about the expiration date. It was overly cautious. One doctor said the tests should be useful up to two years after the expiration date. As long as the "C" line appears (mine did), that indicates the test is working. I never saw a "T" line, which would indicate I was Covid positive.

I still didn't feel fully well, but I felt a lot better. I tried to eat something in the evening — my first solid food in 48 hours — a sandwich made with a toasted ciabatta roll, a fried egg, a slice of fried prosciutto and a slice a cheese. I took only one bite and I was done. The remainder of the sandwich was wrapped and put into the refrigerator. I went to bed wondering when I would regain my appetite.

For me, it isn't important. I'm clinically obese anyway. If I lose a few pounds because of loss of appetite, I won't mind.

Meanwhile, at around 5:00PM on Sunday evening I started a portion of pork ribs, three bones, sous vide cooking for 24 hours. Whether or not I would be able to eat them when done, I doubted, but I went forward anyway. What was not eaten would be wrapped and refrigerated.

I do drink water when I'm thirsty. I haven't lost my appetite for that. I might have only one cup of coffee during the day, but I'll keep a glass of cold water next to me and sip it periodically.

Something Pleasant to Share

We did indeed have rain. As planned, I sat on the sofa, feet up, enjoying a warm cup of coffee and reading a book while it rained outside. I had the curtain pulled open.

We did well from this latest storm, number 5 of the season. Where I live, an inch of rain fell — enough to rinse the roads and sidewalks, but not enough to cause local flooding. At the top of the mountains more than three inches fell. That's important because on the north side the runoff runs into the reservoir, which is still low — less than 32% capacity. The reservoir upstream, which spills into ours when it is full, is at only 20%.

However, on the bright side, we are currently at 176% of our normal-do-date rainfall. So, although we still have a long way to go, we've made a good start.

While it was raining, steady but hot heavy, I stepped onto the back deck to check on the awning I worked so hard to clear of debris, which blocks the gutter. I could hear water trickling into the gutter. I could see it draining out of the bottom of the down spout. It was all working exactly as it should.

One little nuisance cropped up. A friend called while my phone was charging. The tiny little cable supplied with the phone is good enough to use if you don't plan to talk on the phone. At barely 21 inches, you can't go very far. My friend said he has six-foot cables he ordered from Amazon. We looked them up. Normally $7 each, they were being offered at 50% off.

He said he'd order one for me because he has Amazon Prime. (My orders need to be at least $25 to get free shipping.) I said, "At that price, order two." He did and he said I didn't need to repay him. They're a gift because he already receives plenty of food from me. When I invite him to dinner I usually feed him well, and his wife when she's with him, and I send them home with extras.

And Speaking of Amazon

Back in my college days I have one of those stove top egg poachers with the little cups and a shallow pan and lid. I used it a few times and then stored it. I don't know what ever became of it. It wasn't a great pan, as I remember, being thin aluminum.

This past week I was watching a TV show, probably an episode of America's Test Kitchen, and they used a similar pan to poach the eggs. I think they were making eggs benedict.

One of the advantages of the poacher pan they discussed was the lack of any need to use vinegar. When poaching in water, which I've done several times, a little vinegar in the water helps the eggs tighten up into a nice shape. However, even if you soak the poached eggs in water before using them, you never completely get rid of the flavor of vinegar. I like vinegar in my Salad Dressing, but not in my poached eggs.

So, I ordered an egg poacher pan. Unlike the one I had in college, this one has only two cups (the original had four), which are lined with a non-stick coating, it's all stainless steel and supposedly induction compatible. It should arrive later today. I probably won't do an unboxing video, but I might revisit my video for Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon. For this revisit, I'd like to use the square ciabatta rolls they sell at Costco. Actually, the label doesn't say "ciabatta," but they are so much like ciabatta bread I can't think of them as otherwise.

It will require a shopping trip, and I haven't recovered my energy after my recent illness, but the video will be easy to make and I need a video for Sunday anyway.

Sunday 2022.11.6

A Short Blog Post Today

I've been a little sick. I spent the entire day yesterday in bed, only getting up to fill my water glass and to use the bathroom. I probably should have self-tested for Covid, but that would have required getting out of bed and I was trying to do that as little as possible. Standing up caused me to feel dizzy and nauseous. A few times I wretched, but nothing came up. There was no food in my stomach. It was just dry heaves.

Although I feel tired and a little weak today, probably for going 36 hours without any solid food, I am feeling much better. Thankfully, I keep Pedialyte in my home. I sipped that all day too. And today I ordered more from Amazon, trying the single-serve powder packets this time.

I'm also a day behind. Saturday is the day I usually update this web site in preparation for publishing on Sunday. Nothing was done yesterday.

Dominoes Falling

The worst of the day yesterday was how I kept wondering if the dominoes were falling. I think of that as the process of losing organ functions, one at a time, until we die. As one organ fails it affects another organ and one by one the dominoes topple. My first domino was my prostate and then my bladder. What's next?

Welcome To Standard Time

If you live in the USA where most of the country switches to Daylight Saving Time each spring, today is the day to adjust your clocks back one hour to Standard Time. Some of my clocks are radio controlled; they reset themselves. There are only a few that require manual resetting.

And Finally, Some Weather

It's going to rain again here in SoCal, starting tonight and tapering off by Wednesday. That might not seem like a big deal, even given the serious situation with the drought, but rain is something I look forward to. Now that I am retired, I don't need to go out into the rain when I commute to and from work. I like to open the curtains, sit on the sofa with a warm cup of coffee and a good book to read while I enjoy watching it rain outside.

Wednesday 2022.11.2

Lights Out — Not

The power outage scheduled for Sunday evening never materialized. This time, we weren't even given a notice it would be rescheduled. I was ready. I lit my two oil lamps. I had another lantern at the ready. But nothing happened at any time during the night.

Maybe because it was Sunday, the office manager wasn't working to walk around and tape notices to our doors. But even during the days afterward there was no explanation given.

On the bright side, I didn't need to reset my clocks.

YouTube Shorts

This week I am uploading to YouTube the video shorts I've been creating to attract attention to my YouTube channel and promote the full-length videos. For example, the Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs short video is about 58 seconds long. The full video, at 5 minutes 19 seconds, isn't really long, but it has all the details for those who might want to prepare the ribs. That video, in turn, points to the written recipe on this web site.

YouTube has been promoting shorts lately as a way to increase views and channel popularity. Okay. I'll give it a try. But so far, nothing I do seems to offer much improvement*. I still have more than 53,000 subscribers and 98% of my views come from nonsubscribers. So, what's the big deal? However, you'll never strike gold if you don't dig.

The plan, so far — things can always change — is to work backward historically, somewhat, using shorts to promote my newest videos and eventually my older ones. It adds another level of work, and sometimes I think it might be time to retire from making cooking videos. However, they're really simple to make and with voice-overs for the audio the task is even easier.

*Maybe worth mentioning are some of the changes I tried. I added the words "How to" to many of my YouTube video titles because the platform said many visitors go to YouTube to watch how-to videos.

I changed all my video thumbnail images — more than 400 of them! — to give them a unified look. It didn't raise awareness of my videos, but I really like the look. One person wrote to say he saw one of my videos among the click bait suggestions and he immediately recognized it as one of mine because of the thumbnail style.

There is one undeniable advantage to video shorts: They are formatted to look good on smartphones. More and more people are using their phone to access the internet. I'm still not among that crowd. I have two desktop computers and two laptops in my home. However, I'm thinking of the idiom "what the traffic will bear."

That is actually a business term describing why some businesses charge more than a fair price for a product or service. They charge the higher rate because they know customers will pay it, and that increases profits. So, with that in mind, I think about my YouTube videos being monetized to earn me a little revenue each month. If adding shorts increases the profit some, why not? I'm not trying to earn a living, but I do like the videos to pay for themselves.

And there is one more advantage: I don't need to shoot new video for the shorts. I use the existing clips, editing them and adding a voice-over audio track. It's fairly easy to do. The only challenge is keeping the video under 60 seconds. That's easy for a panini video that is only five or 6 minutes long, but making a short of my Tiramisu video will be a challenge. It's nearly half an hour long.

Of course, back then my videos needed to be long. I was doing shows for a local TV station. One of their requirements was videos 28 to 30 minutes in length. The sweet spot for YouTube is supposedly 12 to 15 minutes. And speaking of "what the traffic will bear," I wonder how my regular YouTube fans will feel about shorts. There's only one way to find out.


I must say, my first shorts upload was a surprise. It shot up to more than 500 views in the first 15 minutes. If one of my regular cooking videos gets 500 views in 24 hours I declare it a success. After the initial spike it settled down to one or two views per five minutes. Nonetheless, the brief success encourages me to do more.

And Another Idea

I almost never plead viewers to "Please Like and Subscribe" in my videos. But a friend advised me do otherwise: "Do it. It works." So, okay, now at the end of each short, rather than adding the usual end credit, "Video and recipe by…," I instead grovel for Likes and Subscriptions.

We shall see. This same friend told me to turn off "Hold all comments for review" on my shorts because he thinks I will be inundated with comments to read and approve or deny. So far, there were only two comments on my Lyonnaise Potatoes short. "Don't even read them," he said.

I know what he really wants. He is going to look through my comments for negative ones and then troll those people. I told him I don't want my Mobile Home Gourmet channel to be a forum for trolling. "I don't want to troll them. I just want to attack them verbally and beat them into psychological submission." Isn't that trolling? The channel is still set to hold all comments.

Mr. Meanie Me

I felt a little bad, but only a little. One of the workmen tried to plug into my outside outlet yesterday and I stopped him. I told him the bathroom lighting went out and it took me two hours to fix it. Then the outside light went out the second time they used my electricity. To make matters worse, he didn't even apologize. "Gee, I'm sorry about that," would have been nice. So, I feel only a little bad.

And, Finally, a Fantastic Feast

Yesterday I made dinner for a friend who wanted me to sign up to Instagram so that he can send me photos and short videos. He loves that stuff (I don't, but that's another issue). He signed me up and I gave him a dinner of Chicken Parmesan with seared Brussels sprouts and homemade noodles. It was delicious. I'm sure he'll keep it in mind as one of his ten top favorites from my home. I'll edit the video this week and if all goes well it will be Sunday's feature recipe and video.