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About My Recipes

There are very few recipes that are etched in stone. Even well known recipes like tiramisu, which has a traditional method of preparation, are subject to variations. King Solomon is credited with saying, "There is nothing new under the sun." At some point in history I suppose tiramisu was a new idea, but people have been cooking since there was fire and things to eat. I therefore declare none of my recipes to be finished.

Feel free to modify any recipe to suit your own likes and dislikes. I do. I typically credit a source, but I rarely leave a recipe untouched.

I have many cookbooks and textbooks. Sometimes when I prepare a dish I follow the recipe faithfully. Then I make adjustments. Often I adjust it before going into the kitchen. You can feel free to do the same.

The PDF recipes I include in this site have been tested repeatedly by me. Some are variations of recipes I found; some are original recipes that I created after tasting something. As an example: I once wanted to learn more about cooking with shallots. I sliced a large shallot and sautéed it, wondering where I might use the flavor. The only idea that came to mind was, "Put this stuff in the trash." But I still had a bunch of shallots. Then I got the idea to cook the sliced shallot longer, until caramelized. When I tasted it, an idea came to mind: "This would taste good with clams." I then set about to create my own recipe for Linguine with Clam Sauce.

Not everyone can invent a dish by tasting one ingredient, but I believe it is a skill many people can develop. I think of it as "cataloging flavors in the mind." Get to know flavors. In time, you could be inventing your own original recipes too.

All of the recipes in this web site were written, photographed, and videoed by me. All the videos are on YouTube. Some are cooking videos; some are from my TV show, The Mobile Home Gourmet. The show was on a local public-access station, not a network. Every recipe that was in the TV show is here and on YouTube.

Finally, I recently assembled all my recipes—200 of them—into a cookbook in ebook format. It is free for download and can be opened on any tablet or computer that accepts ebooks in EPUB format. Other formats, such as for the Amazon Kindle, are not available. Get it here.

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