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Formerly featured Appetizers, Canapés, Hors d'oeuvres, and Snacks

Béchamel and Prosciutto Pastries Go to the Bechamel Prosciutto Pastries recipe.

Chex Mix View the Chex Mix recipe

Chicken Liver Pâté Go to the Chicken Liver Pâté recipe

Clam Cakes (New England Clam Cakes) Go to the Clam Cakes recipe.

Flautas Go to the Flautas recipe

Lamb Briouats Also see the Harissa recipe in Basics. Go to the Lamb Briouats recipe.

Mini Quiches View the recipe.

Mini Spinach Quiches (Keto) View the recipe

Miniature Egg Rolls Go to the Miniature Egg Rolls recipe.

Salmon Jerky Go to the Salmon Jerky recipe.

Smoked Salmon Pastries Go to the Smoked Salmon Pastries recipe.

Spanakopita Go to the Spanakopita recipe.

Taquitos Go to the Flautas / Taquitos recipe

Tomato and Mushroom Crostini Go to the Tomato and Mushroom Crostini recipe.