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Formerly Featured Cookies, Desserts, and Sweets Recipes:

Almond and Ricotta Cheese Cake Go to the Recipe page.

Almond Biscotti Go to the Almond Biscotti recipe.

Almond Cookies Go to the Almond Cookies recipe.

Almond Praline Flan Go to the Almond Praline Flan recipe.

Apple Bundt Cake Go to the Apple Bundt Cake recipe.

Apple Hand Pies Go to the Apple Hand Pies recipe.

Apple Oatmeal Cookies Go to the Apple Oatmeal Cookies recip.

Baklava Go to the Baklava recipe.

Blueberry Muffins Go to the Blueberry Muffin recipe.

Boysenberry Ice Cream Go to the Boysenberry Ice Cream recipe.

Calzoni Go to the Calzoni recipe.

Candied Buddha's Hand Citrus View the recipe page.

Carrot Cake Go to the Carrot Cake recipe.

Cats Tongues Go to the Cats Tongues recipe.

Cherry and Pistachio Biscotti Go to the Cherry Pistachio Biscotti recipe.

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Go to the Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream recipe.

Chocolate Biscotti Go to the Chocolate Biscotti recipe.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes Go to the Cupcakes recipe.

Chocolate Ice Cream (Homemade) Go to the Chocolate Ice Cream recipe.

Chocolate Mascarpone Pie Go to the Chocolate Mascarpone Pie recipe.

Chocolate Mousse View the recipe

Coconut Pineapple Biscotti Go to the Coconut Pineapple Biscotti recipe.

Cream Filled Puff Pastry Rolls Go to the Cream Filled Pastry Rolls recipe.

Cream Puffs with Almond Praline Cream Go to the Cream Puffs recipe.

Custard Pie Go to the Custard Pie recipe.

Doughboys Go to the Doughboys recipe

Fortune Cookies Go to the Fortune Cookies recipe.

Fresh Strawberry Gelato Go to the Strawberry Gelato recipe.

Frosted Pineapple Squares View the Frosted Pineapple Squares recipe

G√Ęteau Paris-Brest Go to the Gateau Paris-Brest recipe.

Hazelnut Cranberry Biscotti Go to the Hazelnut Cranberry Biscotti recipe.

Lemon Custard Go to the Lemon Custard recipe

Lemon Sabayon (Zabaglione) Tart Go to the recipe page

Mango Sorbet View the Mango Sorbet recipe.

Mom's Italian Christmas Cookies Go to Mom's Italian Christmas Cookies recipe.

Orange Sherbet View the Orange Sherbet recipe.

Peanut Praline Cookies (with chocolate chunks) Go to the Peanut Praline Cookies recipe.

Pecan Biscotti Go to the Pecan Biscotti recipe

Pecan Crinkle Cookies Go to the Pecan Crinkle Cookies recipe

Pecan Meringue Cake View the Pecan Meringue Cake recipe

Pecan Praline Ice Cream Go to the Pecan Praline Ice Cream recipe.

Plum Pudding View the Plum Pudding recipe.

Power Bites (something children can make) Go to the Power Bites recipe.

Pumpkin Cookies Go to the Pumpkin Cookies recipe.

Quadruple Rum Cake Go to the Quadruple Rum Cake recipe.

Refrigerator Oatmeal Cookies See the recipe.

Roma Cheesecake Go to the Roma Cheesecake recipe.

Sour Cream Apple Pie View the Sour Cream Apple Pie recipe

Sweet Potato Pie Go to the Sweet Potato Pie recipe.

Tiramisu Go to the Tiramisu recipe.

Toffee Date Cake (Sticky Toffee Pudding) Go to the Toffee Date Cake recipe

Triple Chocolate Pound Cake Go to the Triple Chocolate Cake recipe.

Upside-down Toffee Date Cake Go to the Upside-down Date Cake recipe.

Vanilla Chai Ice Cream Go to the Vanilla Chai Ice Cream recipe.

Vanilla Ice Cream View the recipe

White Chocolate Budini (Pudding) Go to the White Chocolate Budini recipe.